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Have a Nice Day

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There's far too much hate going around the internet this week. 13 November will be for a while the source of a lot of angst, where in my household that's my annual celebration date.  Complaints about xenophobia, religious priviledge and the like are poisoning the debate, and the echo-chamber that is social media reinforces the lack of empathy and the rigidity of doctrinal purity that has sent political thought in this country back to the stone age... no that would be dismissive of the flexibility of stones.

So I think that everyone should take a load off, enjoy a favourite beverage, and have a nice day.


No: Many Congratulations!


Yes: This will be certainly less exhausting as the first one, since there's no goddamned hill.


The Spice Must Flow

They who control the spice, control the universe


#thenew20: Drop Jackson, Keep Hamilton

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If you weren't already aware, there is a campaign for replacing Andrew Jackson on the United States twenty-dollar bill, and replacing him with a historically-significant woman.  The "Women on Twenties" campaign held a poll, and Harriet Tubman won out over Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks.  The campaign got significant traction and then the Treasury Secretary came out and decided to "spark debate" on the matter by suggesting that the ten-dollar bill get a woman.  He then doubled-down on the assertion that since the ten was already up for a redesign they could get the job done faster (released in 2020)... and then suggested that rather than completely remove historically-significant Hamilton (the nominal father of the Federal Reserve system, the Bank of the United States), that whichever woman they selected would share half the currency with Hamilton.

The campaigners were surprised to get only half of what they asked for, and that they had to share it.

But the worst part was that they had chosen Jackson for a reason:  He was a jerk of a president (especially to Native Americans) and was opposed to paper currency... so that he was featured on the second-most-famous and most widely-circulated bill is sort of an affront to his own legacy.  Many people have spoken out on this, most famously Ben Bernanke, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

For his historical significance as the first Secretary of the Treasury, and an advocate of a Bank of the United States, Keep Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill.  And for crying out loud, drop Jackson and put someone more deserving on the twenty.


(For Reference, this is the post I lamented about loosing earlier. I found it!)


Yes: Avast ye! Join myself and the crew of the Siren's Deck when we invade the Santa Fe Ren Faire on Sunday 20 September! Whee!



For clarification, this is my return to Facebook; it's using POSSE to collect likes and such from other sites, but keeping all my content on my own site. This also means that I'll probably not see your message on Iacebook because I won't be logging in there very frequently.


Welp; just lost a post about ; basically, Drop Jackson, Keep Hamilton


In case anyone is wondering, Puerto Rico should be a State. Just Sayin'


Rock stars: Geologists on the silver screen | EARTH Magazine

You never know when you might need the help of a Geologist in your movie. This is a list of possible inspirations.


Just a reminder why Facebook is evil, and why you should be using your own service



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It's funny, the person in Mauritius who has my Gmail account associated with their facebook account is getting emails asking them if they know my friends in America. While it's possible, hopefully my friends who are getting asked if they know this person in Mauritius are blocking them as spam as well.


I'm tempted to write a short story about a globe-trotting Scotsman with a flying boat hunting Eldrich horrors, in homage to today's Wikipedia searches.


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Siren's Deck

Location: Goomba's Landing


All Hands on deck, your Captain has some words for you!


I've figured out why it's an "all day breakfast", if you cook it yourself, it takes all day to make!



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A few people have recently asked me why I left facebook.  Mostly, it was because I was compulsively checking it for no real reason.  Yes, I miss out on the heartwarming stories that people post, and I miss out on hearing what my friends are doing in places far and near.  But I also miss out on tracking cookies, being an outlet for advertising, and siloing my data in Facebook's vaults.

Mostly, I've decided to implement the .  This is a set Principles which I think the web is missing out on.  Yes, social media has a method of getting into your life, and I'm trying to back out of that invasiveness.  So if I blog, I blog here first, then syndicate out to other aggregators later (if ever).  I may move from this solution to another one which better integrates my current silos (tumblr and twitter), or return to the days of my PHP coding life where I tried to write my own forums from scratch (probably not).

We'll see how this works out.


Oh, right. this is an implementation of