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Ah. Just as I was writing a new post here, one of my sources updated to include current events. Woot!


Heh. Just got to use the phrase "Go Bursar" in an financial capacity.


@technoclave MeowWolf was quite fun. There's more of a write-up coming soon.


Decided to start Foodstagramming, and probably also document my gazebo sightings. Of course, the first post wasn't even a gazebo, or anything edible.


Misdummers' Day has arrived. Time to pay the servants and set a bonfire for the weekend.


Silverleaf Nighshade is a weed. Huh; good to know. And that one is apparently very pernicious. Might go to jail for having it in the yard.


@sergeantdutch I've always found that ignoring Facebook works pretty well ;)



For clarification, this is my return to Facebook; it's using POSSE to collect likes and such from other sites, but keeping all my content on my own site. This also means that I'll probably not see your message on Iacebook because I won't be logging in there very frequently.


Welp; just lost a post about ; basically, Drop Jackson, Keep Hamilton


In case anyone is wondering, Puerto Rico should be a State. Just Sayin'


Just a reminder why Facebook is evil, and why you should be using your own service


I'm tempted to write a short story about a globe-trotting Scotsman with a flying boat hunting Eldrich horrors, in homage to today's Wikipedia searches.


Today's Soundtrack:


I've figured out why it's an "all day breakfast", if you cook it yourself, it takes all day to make!


Oh, right. this is an implementation of


Hello World? This is only a test. I could use a cuppa.