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When I made my first posts on COVID ten months ago, we assumed that the CDC would be heeded, test-and-trace would be effective, and spread would be minimized.  Three months in, and we were one of the worst-affected countries because 'belief' in the virus became a political marker. Not accecptance, not mitigation, belief in the actual existience of the disease. The Know-Nothing attitude became fundamental to some people's personal 'brand', and an extremely vocal minority wrecked things for all of us.

After writing a paper about how other countries handled the outbreak, and reading up on both positive and negative outcomes, the frustration has caused me to vent my spleen multiple times, and to opine that "This is the worst group project I've ever worked on", and I maintain my disgust. Enabled by the former regime, this proudly-ignorant mob continues to infect both the body politic, as well as the body physik.

For those of you interested in keeping up to date in the numbers, here's my go-to datasource. The positive information is that from a low two months ago (when all the states were dark-red), we're down to only most states being lightish-red. There are even counties which are green... but is that because testing is negative, or because testing is negligible?

Stay home, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Vaccinate when you can, and we can maybe (Maybe?) be clear by f'n October? If we loose another Halloween to inaction... I might go spare.