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Wisdom from the Stoics

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Greetings, and well met to all who come by these letters. I write you this night from the ravages of this modern plague to exhort you to spend this spring break not forlorn but recharging. Take the opportunity to reach out to your community and check in on each other. The distance we maintain physically need not be absolute isolation.

And while the coming weeks bring uncertainty and confusion, take heart in the philosophy of the Stoics: the fear of pain is more damaging than the pain itself. When you have taken the time to think on the source of the discomfort you notice that the nature of the problem is ever-changing. Some days it's worse, other days it is better.

So take solace in the good days, and the knowledge that the bad days will pass. Enjoy the anticipation of summer days and comfort in knowing that the rains will end. Use the misfortune as an excuse to seek wisdom and to build character. Take a moment and view the discomfort in the instant and recognize it's relative non-existence in the great scheme of things.

"To take Nature's medicine properly, we must accept our fate and respond virtuously, with courage and self-discipline, thereby improving our character"…/marcus…/meditations/george-long…/the-enchiridi…/elizabeth-carter…/seneca/dialogues/aubrey-stewart