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Advice from Ancient Egypt

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Advice from ancient Egypt:

1. Be merry all your life

2. Toil no more than is required

3. Nor cut short the time alloted to pleasure

4. Don't waste time on daily cares beyond providing for your household

5. When wealth comes, follow your heart. Wealth does no good if you're glum

6. Great is Law (Maat).

7. If you are a man of authority, be patient when listening to words of a petitioner. Do not dismiss him until he has completely unburdened himself of what he had planned to say.

8. Injustice exists in abundance, but evil can never succeed in the long run.

9. Do not gossip in your neighborhood, because people respect the silent

10. To listen is better than anything, from it is born perfect love

11. As for the ignorant man who doesn't listen, he accomplishes nothing. He equates knowledge with ignorance, useless with harmful. He does everything detestable, so people get angry with him each day.

12. A perfect word is hidden more deeply than precious stones. It is to be found near servants working at mill-stone.

13. Only speak when you have something worth saying.

14. Love your wife with passion

15. A woman with happy heart brings equilibrium

16. Those who continually lust after women, none of their plans ever succeed

17. Do not blame those who are childless, do not criticize them for not having any, do not boast about having them yourself

18. Do not repeat a slanderous rumor, do not listen to it

19. May your heart never be vain because of what you know. Take counsel from the ignorant as well as the wise

20. He who has a great heart has a gift from God. He who obeys his stomach obeys the enemy

22. Teach your disciple words of tradition. Act as a model for children, that they may find in you the understanding & justice of every heart, since man is not born wise

23. Punish with principle, teach meaningfully. Act of stopping evil leads to lasting establishment of virtue.

The Maxims of Ptahhotep, composed by the Vizier Ptahhotep during 24th century BCE (76th Century HE)