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Knowledge is Power; share it with a friend!

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A recent post by Lost Art Press has a quote from the 1930s which talks about the power of knowledge sharing, and the quote which drew my eye was this:

But hoarded knowledge can never be as productive as knowledge which is shared. It is not the man who warns off enquirers with a mutter of “trade secrets” and a “please-keep-off-the-grass” expression who will keep abreast of the times, but the man who will readily exchange experiences, discuss, and, when need be, give guidance to others. (Lost Art Press).

This reminds me of the reason behind what I do with the Maker community; we learn by sharing. Whether it's Open Source software, or tutorials on the internet, or dreaded group-projects at school or work, collaboration is key.

Yes, there will be slackers; yes, there is a whiff of "perfect world" thought here, but... it is possible. So share some of your power with a friend, because Knowlege is Power!