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A few people have recently asked me why I left facebook.  Mostly, it was because I was compulsively checking it for no real reason.  Yes, I miss out on the heartwarming stories that people post, and I miss out on hearing what my friends are doing in places far and near.  But I also miss out on tracking cookies, being an outlet for advertising, and siloing my data in Facebook's vaults.

Mostly, I've decided to implement the .  This is a set Principles which I think the web is missing out on.  Yes, social media has a method of getting into your life, and I'm trying to back out of that invasiveness.  So if I blog, I blog here first, then syndicate out to other aggregators later (if ever).  I may move from this solution to another one which better integrates my current silos (tumblr and twitter), or return to the days of my PHP coding life where I tried to write my own forums from scratch (probably not).

We'll see how this works out.